Rejuvenating a Senior Citizen’s Appearance With Dental Implants

It’s a happy moment for a senior citizen who hasn’t seen some immediate family members in a long time and one of them comments on how bright and straight the older person’s teeth are. People of a certain age don’t always have this good fortune. In fact, this particular individual also didn’t have the good fortune to keep the natural teeth. Instead, having dental implants placed at Family Dentistry and Implant Center in Virginia allowed the smile to look completely natural.

An older person’s appearance can be rejuvenated with dental implants. That’s especially true when a man or woman had been gradually losing teeth and the ones that were left had deteriorated over time. Now, with a bright new smile, the individual feels much more confident and attractive.

Medical and Functional Benefits

Dentists are particularly passionate about how dental implants maintain the jawbone and prevent it from losing density. They also appreciate the way the implants function like real teeth without risk of coming loose during chewing or even just laughing or yawning.

Cosmetic Advantages

They also understand how a boost in self-esteem is a psychological advantage for these patients. There’s a saying about how getting old isn’t for sissies, and that includes some inevitable changes in appearance that the senior citizens may not appreciate. When they can have a beautiful smile, that’s a welcome option.

Relief After Years of Oral Health Problems

Some men and women struggle with oral health problems their entire lives, even when they have done their best to take care of their teeth. Genetics can cause ongoing issues; when a parent has also been afflicted with these problems, the risk is higher than at least one of their children will as well. Having the last of these problem teeth extracted and replacing them with implants is a relief.

Oral Hygiene

After the implant process is complete, patients must continue with standard oral hygiene as they would with natural teeth. With a full set of implants, cavities are obviously no longer a risk. Nevertheless, brushing at least twice a day and flossing once every day are important to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

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